1. Which actor starred in the movie School Of Rock?
 Jack Black
2. In what decade rom was the school leaving age raised from 15 to 16?
 1970s (from the school year beginning September 1st 1972)
3. What was the nickname of the character played by Todd Carty in Grange Hill?
 Tucker (Jenkins)
4. Which school was the first to adopt the word `public` to mean it was open to students who were willing to pay for their education?
 Eton College
5. Beauty School Drop Out is a song from which movie?
6. What public school did the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles attend?
7. What was the name of the school at which Ken Barlow was a teacher in the TV soap opera Coronation Street?
 Weatherfield Comprehensive
8. Teacher Gordon Sumner went on to become the lead singer of a top band and then have a successful solo recording artist under what name?
9. Which politician was nicknamed "the milk snatcher" after stopping free milk in schools?
 Margaret Thatcher
10. The book Tom Brown's School Days is set in which school?