Christmas Quizzes at Bubble Tree Quizzes

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1.Healthcare: What doe the R stand for in MRI?
Magnetic RESONANCE Imaging
2.Charity: What does the F stand for in UNICEF?
United Nations International Children’s Emergency FUND. (The I and E are now dropped).
3.Unions: What does the P stand for in BALPA?
British Airline PILOTS Association
4.Politics: What does the P stand for in POTUS?
PRESIDENT of the United States
5.Health & Safety at Work: What does the I stand for in RIDDOR?
Reporting of INJURIES, Diseases & Dangerous Occurrences Regulations.
6.Vehicle Country Codes: What does the H stand for in the Swiss code CH?
Confederation HELVETICA.
7.Business: What does the I stand for in ROI?
8.Politics: What does the A stand for in the group COBRA?
Cabinet Office Briefing Room A. (So A stands for A).
9.Disneyworld: What does the P stand for in EPCOT?
Experimental PROTOTYPE Community of Tomorrow
10.Books: What does the N stand for in ISBN?
International Standard Book NUMBER