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1.If it was Phil Mickelson in 2006, Zach Johnson in 2007, and Trevor Immelman in 2008, who was it in 2009?
2.If Freddie Mercury was on vocals, Brian May was on lead guitar, and Roger Taylor was on drums, who was on bass guitar?
3.If the US states that border Canada from west to east are Washington, Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota, what comes next?
4.If 11 is 3, 100 is 4, 101 is 5, what is 1001?
5.If Winston Churchill was the first post war Prime Minister, Clement Atlee was second, Churchill third, and Anthony Eden fourth, who was 5th?
6.If Dr. No was first, From Russia With Love was second, and Goldfinger was third, what was fourth?
7.If Elton John has had 7, ABBA have had 9, and Cliff Richard has had 14, who has had the most with 21?
8.If Finland won in 2006, Serbia in 2007, and Russia in 2008, who won in May 2009?
9.If the equator crosses Africa’s West coast in the country of Gabon, in which country does it cross the East coast?
10.If this character was played by Michael Keaton in 1989, Val Kilmer in 1995, and George Clooney in 1997, who played him in 2008?

quiz kindly submitted by Fraenulum on 17th May 2009