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1.The band TíPau took their name from a character in which TV series?
Star Trek.
2.What name is given to abdominal thrusts performed on a choking victim, which is named after the American physician to whom it is credited?
Heimlich manoeuvre.
3.Which car manufacturer is named after the US market that it targets?
Lexus (Luxury Export to United States).
4.The band Kaiser Chiefs took their name from a football club in which country?
South Africa.
5.The Teddy Bear is named after which historical figure?
Theodore Roosevelt.
6.Which British band named themselves after the villain from the sci-fi movie Barbarella?
Duran Duran.
7.Which British comedy actor has a refuse tip named after him in New Zealand, after he visited Palmerston, and said that it was a great place to commit suicide?
John Cleese.
8.The author of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy had an asteroid named after him after he died in 2001. What was his name?
Douglas Adams.
9.The word KOP, when used at a number of football grounds, is named after which historical event?
Boer War. (Tribute to the large numbers of men lost taking Spion kop, a hill in South Africa).
10.Which US band named themselves after their strict gym teacher at their high school, Mr Skinner.
Lynyrd Skynyrd (Leonard Skinner).