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1.Which country was the only original member of OPEC outside of the Middle East?
2.Who created the literary detective Sam Spade?
Dashell Hammett
3.What are the four vocal ranges for members of a choir?
Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass
4.Name any year that Leonardo Da Vinci was alive.
1452 - 1519
5.Which architect was known as the "Wizard of the Dome"?
Buckminster Fuller
6.What are the two ingredients of a Black Velvet cocktail?
Sparkling Wine or Champagne and Stout (usually Guinness)
7.Name either of the Brothers Grimm's first names.
Jacob or Wilhelm
8.What is the name of the Salvador Dali painting that shows clocks oozing over a landscape?
The Persistence Of Memory
9.Which two boxers were involved in the "Thrilla in Manila?"
Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier
10.Name the five basic tastes.
Saltiness, Sweetness, Sourness, Bitterness, Umamai (pronounced "oo-ma-me") a.k.a. Savourness