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1.Which famous comedy actor was the voice of the genie in the animated movie Aladdin?
2.What is the nickname of the great bell in the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster?
3.What would you do with a lambeg?
4.What name was given to the famous boxing match between Joe Frazier and Mohammed Ali in 1975?
5.Born in 1943, which American tennis star won 12 grand slam singles, 16 grand slam doubles and 11 grand slam mixed doubles titles?
6.What is the third planet from the sun?
7.What was the title of the third film in the trilogy of spaghetti westerns?
8.Who was the goddess of the hunt in Roman mythology?
9.What was the name of the light entertainment variety show on Saturday evenings that was first shown in the late 50s and featured singers with blacked out faces?
10.What is the connection?

quiz kindly submitted by calamity on 29th June 2009


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