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1.Which Jackson appeared in Celebrity Big Brother in January 2009?
2.Who won a Silver medal in the 1988 Olympic Games for 110m hurdles?
3.The Neverland Ranch is in which US state?
4.Which Jackson has starred in Star Wars and Pulp Fiction?
5.Which song written by Michael Jackson & Lionel Ritchie was recorded by a group of 45 singers?
6.Which of Michael Jackson's singles spent the longest at number one in the UK?
7.Name the Jackson who is a judge on American Idol?
8.In 1986 Jackson signed a $15 million deal with which company - it was the largest ever endorsement for product promotion?
9.Prince & Prince Michael II are two of Jackson’s children, name the third?
10.Which artist was known as ‘Jack the Dripper’ because of his technique of dripping & pouring paint onto a canvas?

quiz kindly submitted by Andrew Kersten on 10th July 2009