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1.What was the name of the kangaroo often mistaken by Sylvester the cat to be a giant mouse?
2.Which cartoon character's voice was said by Mel Blanc to most resemble his own?
3.In which town do the Griffins live in Family Guy?
4.Nancy Cartwright provides the voice for which famous cartoon character?
5.Whose 'wings are like a shield of steel'?
6.Phil Collins won an Oscar for Best Original Song for which Disney film?
7.Which cartoon series was retitled Donnie Murdo when it was dubbed into Scots Gaelic?
8.In the Disney cartoon what was the name of The Little Mermaid?
9.Which Looney Tunes character's catchphrase was 'great horney toads'?
10.In the Lion King, what was the name of Simba's father?