1. The childrens TV character Prince Adam of Eternia is better known by what name?
2. Lion-o was the lord of the Thundercats. Name any 2 other Thundercats.
3. What is Paddington Bearís favourite snack?
4. Who was described as "an old, saggy cloth cat, baggy, and a bit loose at the seams"?
5. Which 1980s cartoon was based on a classic story written by Alexandre Dumas?
6. What was the name given to the hard-working builders constructing scaffolding throughout Fraggle Rock?
7. Who had "Wings like a shield of steel"?
8. Who had a neice called Penny who had a dog called Brains?
9. Who were the two voice artists of the cartoon characters Dangermouse and his sidekick Penfold?
10. What was the name of SuperTedís sidekick?