1. What is mannish water? A spicy soup from Jamaica, a spicy spirit from India or a spicy yoghurt from Canada?
 A Jamaican spicy soup
2. Which country produces the wine Vinho Verdi?
3. What are the two main ingredients of Hollandaise sauce?
 Egg yolks and butter
4. Sketós, métrios, and glykís are three different types of Greek what?
5. Half the world's pistachio nuts are grown in which country?
6. What is the name of the Irish whiskey illicitly made from barley?
7. Gjetost is the national cheese of which country?
8. What vegetable has a name that means 'eat all'?
 Mange Tout
9. In which European country did red onions originate?
10. A youngberry is a cross between a dewberry and what else?
 A blackberry