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1.Apart from Del Boy, Rodney and Grandad, which other regular character appeared in the first ever episode? Boycie, Mickey Pearce or Trigger?
2.What was the name of the episode in which Rodney first met Cassandra?
3.What was the nickname of Rodney's real dad?
4.Who played Uncle Albert?
5.Name either of the two episodes in which there were no scenes in their flat?
6.In which episode did Del Boy first meet Raquel?
7.Who played Aunt Renee in The Frogs Legacy?
8.Before the most recent Christmas specials, how may episodes were there in which neither Uncle Albert or Grandad appeared? None, two or nine?
9.In the dinner scene in the episode Time On Our Hands what did Uncle Albert put in the coffee pot?
10.Which famous actor played Roy Slater?

quiz kindly submitted by Clive Ambler on 7th August 2009