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1.At which stadium do Scotland play their home football matches?
2.Who is Arthur Wellesley better known as?
3.Which English county town stands on the river Lune?
4.Which town in East Sussex now stands on the site of the battle of Hastings?
5.Which cowboy showman's real name was Willaim Cody?
6.Which tv family has members called Ben, Courtney, Ronnie and Sam?
7.Howard Brown fronted which bank's tv adverts until 2008?
8.Which sci-fi series was the basis of the film Serenity and created by Buffy creator Joss Wheadon?
9.Which 1986 Peter Weir movie and based on a Paul Theroux novel starred Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren and River Phoenix?
10.What connects he previous 9 answers?

quiz kindly submitted by DaveyB on 13th August 2009