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1.What is the unofficial national anthem of Australia?
Waltzing Matilda
2.Which leader was painted "warts and all"?
Oliver Cromwell
3.Which royal house succeeded the Tudors?
4.Name the space shuttle that exploded in 1986
5.What was William Blake's most famous poem?
The Tiger
6.Ross Kemp plays which Eastenders character?
Grant Mitchell
7.In the Jungle Book, what animal was Bagheera?
Black Panther
8.What film stars Pauline Collins as a bored Scouse housewife who finds romance with Tom Conti in Greece?
Shirley Vallentine
9.Which British statesman's ancestral home was Blenheim Palace?
Winston Churchill
10.What connects the answers to the previous 9 questions?
They are all tanks - Matilda, Cromwell, Stuart, Challenger, Tiger, Grant, Panther, Vallentine, Churchill

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