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1.Which three characters have advertised Kellogs Rice Krispies since 1903?
2.What was the title of Roald Dahlís first autobiography, released in 1984 and covering his childhood?
3.Which month gets its name from the Latin word for "eight"?
4.What type of snake is a sidewinder?
5.In which athletics event do you have to go backwards to win?
6.What was the name of Britney Spears` first hit single?
7.What is the name of the BBC science and philosophy documentary series that has produced more than 1000 episodes since it began in 1964?
8.What was Hephaestus the Greek God of?
9.What is the first book of the Bible attributed to a prophet?
10.What's the connection?

quiz kindly submitted by theblueoysterbar on 27th August 2009


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