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Can you answer 9 general knowledge questions and then work out the connection between the answers?

1.Which country is situated on the west coast of Africa between Ghana and Liberia?
IVORY coast
2.Which group's only UK chart hit single was the 1967 hit Let's Go To San Fransisco?
The FLOWERpot men
3.Which English football team have a name that begins with five consonants?
CRYSTAL palace
4.What was the title of the Janis Joplin album released in 1971, four months after her death?
5.The Great Barrier Reef is located in which sea?
The CORAL sea
6.What is the most populated country in the world?
7.What song has provided hit singles for the Rolling Stones, Melanie and Rod Stewart?
RUBY Tuesday
8.Which alloy is created using copper and tin?
9.Which 1989 film starred Julia Roberts and was mainly set in a beauty salon run by a character played by Dolly Parton?
STEEL Magnolias
10.What is the connection between the previous nine answers?
Wedding anniversary gifts

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