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All these questions/answers have the colour blue in common

1.What was Deep Blue Something's bigget hit single?
Breakfast At Tiffany's
2.What is the name of the full-length Magic Roundabout movie?
Dougal And The Blue Cat
3.What was the name of the IBM computer that famously beat Gary Kasparov at chess?
Deep Blue (also accept Deeper Blue)
4.Which blue dye are the ancient Celts supposed to have used to paint their bodies?
5.According to the wedding rhyme, what three objects should the bride wear along with "something blue"?
Something old, something new and something borrowed
6.Which semi-precious stone was ground to make the pigment for ultramarine blue paint?
Lapis Lazuli
7.In which English county is the famous "Blue John Cavern"?
8.Which car manufacturer has produced the Bluebird since 1957?
9.Which father and son have held land and water speed records in craft named "Bluebird"?
Malcolm and Donald Campbell
10.The boy band Blue have had two UK number one hit singles. Can you name either of them?
Too Close or If You Come Back