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1.Which golfer is nicknamed ‘The Great White Shark’?
Greg Norman
2.True or False: Sharks do not blink?
3.Which `B` was the name of the mechanical shark used in the original `Jaws` film?
4.The Sharks are a British Basketball team currently playing in the British Basketball League. In which city are they based?
5.What is a shark’s skeleton made of?
6.In the 2004 CGI film Shark Tale, which actor provides the voice for the main character, Oscar?
Will Smith
7.The American legal drama Shark ran from Sept 06 to May 08. Who starred in the title role, playing Sebastian Stark?
James Woods
8.What is measured with a Snodgrass grathodynamometer?
The strength of shark bites
9.What are the two gangs in the musical West Side Story?
The Sharks and the Jets
10.What sport do the Orlando Sharks play?
(Indoor) Soccer