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1.Angie Watts was once the landlady of which pub?
2.What colour of door does the Rovers Return have?
3.Sam Malone was the owner of which Boston bar?
4.In which drama would you find the Aidenfield Arms?
5.Where would Arthur Daley ask Dave for a V.A.T.?
6.In which sitcom do the main characters often talk about going to The Feathers, but never leave their front room?
7.What is the name of the local pub in Hollyoaks?
8.Ephraim Monk Brewery supply which TV pub with ale?
9.What is the name of Del Boy's local pub in Only Fools And Horses?
10.In Shameless, what is Frank Gallagher's local pub called?

quiz kindly submitted by Dandino on 27th September 2009