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1.The 1993 movie Free Willy was centred around what type of animal?
2.Which band had a hit in 1972 with Little Willy?
3.Steamboat Willie was a 1928 Walt Disney cartoon with Mickey Mouse, but the title was a parody of Steamboat Bill Jr, a full length silent comedy of the same year which starred which famous deadpan comedy great?
4.Which character in Eastenders owned a dog called Willy?
5.In the 1971 movie Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka is played by Gene Wilder. Who plays him in the 2005 film Charlie And The Chocolate Factory?
6.In which TV series would you find the character Groundskeeper Willy?
7.What sort of animal was World Cup Willie, the mascot for the 1966 World Cup?
8.What is the surname of the jockey with the first name Willy who won the Kentucky Derby four times?
9.Which Willy wrote the plays Educating Rita and Shirley Valentine?
10.Willie John McBride is a name associated with which sport?

quiz kindly submitted by Fraenulum on 7th October 2009