1. Which Italian fashion designer was shot dead on the steps of his Miami mansion in 1997?
 Gianni Versace
2. Who was famous for popularising the 'little black dress' in the 1920s?
 Coco Chanel
3. Who designed Madonna's wedding dress for her marriage to Guy Ritchie?
 Stella McCartney
4. Mary Phelps Jacob designed which item of clothing in 1914?
 The Bra
5. Born in Gibraltar, which designer was named British Designer of the Year in 1987, 1994 and 1995?
 John Galliano
6. What is the name of Vivienne Westwood's clothes shop at 430 King's Road where she sells her Anglomania label?
 World's End
7. Which pop singer has had perfumes called Curious, Fantasy, Midnight Fantasy, Hidden Fantasy and Circus Fantasy?
 Britney Spears
8. Which Canadian model dated french goalkeeper Fabien Barthez and has appeared in the music videos for George Michael's songs Freedom '90 and Too Funky?
 Linda Evangelista
9. In which country was designer Oscar de la Renta born?
 The Dominican Republic
10. Meryl Streep's character, Miranda, in the 2006 film The Devil Wears Prada was based on the editor-in-chief of which fashion magazine?