1. In which TV series might Lieutenant Green say "Spectrum is green"?
 Captain Scarlet
2. Who is the leader of the UK Green Party?
 Caroline Lucas
3. The Green Bay Packers play which sport?
 American football
4. Eva Green played Bond girl Vesper Lynd in which film?
 Casino Royale
5. Green Green Grass Of Home was a UK number one hit single for which singer?
 Tom Jones
6. In the TV show Camberwick Green, who lived in Colly's Mill?
 Windy Miller
7. Green Eggs And Ham is a book by which author?
 Dr Zeuss
8. Greenland is an autonomous constituant country within which European kingdom?
9. In Monopoly, the green coloured properties are Regent Street, Oxford Street and what else?
 Bond Street
10. Which Shakespeare refers to jealousy as the green eyed monster?