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1.Blue Peter first aired on TV in October 1958. Name either of the first two presenters.
Christopher Trace, or Leila Williams.
2.Which presenter was sacked in 1999 following media reports that he had taken cocaine?
Richard Bacon
3.Who wrote and performed the signature tune from 1979 to 1989.
Mike Oldfield.
4.Sarah Greene was seriously injured in a helicopter crash in 1988, which was flown by her then boyfriend. Who was he?
Mike Smith (DJ). They later married.
5.Which presenter was forced to leave the show in 1987 after becoming pregnant out of wedlock.
Janet Ellis. (She had her second child, which wasn't Sophie Ellis Bextor!).
6.In 2007, contoversy surrounded the naming of a new pet, when “Cookie” was the most popular vote, but staff chose “Socks” instead. What was the animal?
A kitten.
7.Anthea Turner presented Blue Peter in 1992. She is currently married to Grant Bovey, but she was first married to a Radio 1 DJ from 1990-98. Who was he?
Peter Powell
8.What does a Blue Peter flag mean when hoisted by a ship?
It is about to leave on a journey.
9.Which presenter of the 1990s was the subject of a number of rape allegations.
John Leslie.
10.Which artist originally designed the logo and badge, and appeared on numerous other children’s TV programmes until 2001.
Tony Hart.