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1.Chelsea won the 2009 FA Cup final 2-1. Who were the beaten finalists?
2.Who win Celebrity Big Brother in 2009?
3.Who were the two female presenters who, along with Terry Wogan, presented the 2009 BBC’s Children in Need show?
4.Where was the first Ashes test of 2009 played?
5.H1N1 is one of the most common “words” googled in 2009. What is H1N1?
6.In which round of Wimbledon in 2009 was Andy Murray knocked out?
7.Who was elected as the Speaker of the House of Commons following the resignation of Michael Martin in June 2009?
8.On 31 May 2009 Millvina Dean died aged 97. Why was her death notable?
9.Barack Obama was sworn in as Us President on 20 January 2009. Who was sworn in as Vice President?
10.In which month of 2009 did Michael Jackson die?

quiz kindly submitted by Arthur on 1st December 2009