1. Which weekday TV programme is hosted by Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakely?
 The One Show
2. Which group sung the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest winning Love Shine A Light?
 Katrina and the Waves
3. Located in Yorkshire, what are Drax and Eggborough?
 Power Stations
4. What was the profession of Blackbeard, who operated in the Caribbean Sea in the 18th Century?
5. Which country is bordered by France, Belgium and Germany?
6. Which famous part of New York City is usually the centre of New Year's Eve celebrations?
 Times Square
7. How many times has Italy won the soccer World Cup?
 Four (in 1934, 1938, 1982 & 2006)
8. Who played the character Mrs. Merton on TV?
 Caroline Aherne
9. In the first series of the Esure Insurance TV adverts, Michael Winner's famous quote was "Calm down dear, it's only a" what?
10. What is the connection between the previous 9 answers?
 RADIO (Radio One, Radio Waves, Radio Stations, Pirate Radio, Radio Luxembourg, Radio Times, Radio Four, Radio Caroline and Commercial Radio)