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1.What nationality was three time Olympic gold medallist in figure skating Sonja Henie?
2.At which Winter Olympic host city would you find the Cresta Run?
3.In what year was the winter Olympics held for the first time so as not to coincide with the summer Olympics?
4.Which way do long track speed skaters skate round the rink, clockwise or anti clockwise?
5.What was the title of the music used by Torvill & Dean for their free dance at the 1994 Lillehammer games?
6.What facility wasn’t built at the Squaw Valley games of 1960 as the Americans said that it was too expensive to build?
7.Where was the 1972 winter Olympics held for the first time?
8.What size is an Olympic sized ice rink used for figure skating and ice hockey? Is it 25x50 metres, 27.5x50 metres, or 30x60 metres?
9.True or false. The winter Olympics have never been held in the southern hemisphere.
10.Which country will host the 2014 winter Olympics?

quiz kindly submitted by GazzaM on 3rd January 2010