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1.Margarita Cansino is the real name of which actress, born in 1918?
Rita Hayworth
2.In the film `Who Framed Roger Rabbit`, what is the first name of Roger`s wife?
3.Who wrote `Frankenstein`?
Mary Shelley
4.Who sung the theme tune for the film `Goldeneye`?
Tina Turner
5.Who had a debut album called Baduizm?
Erykah Badu
6.Which Canadian born actress was the star in the movie Barb Wire?
Pamela Anderson
7.Who is the current Chancellor of Germany?
Angela Merkel
8.Bill Clinton was in trouble for “not having sexual relations with that woman” – who was that woman?
Monica Lewinsky
9.Which actress starred in Speed?
Sandra Bullock
10.What is the connection?
Mambo Number 5 - Lou Bega (all names appear in the song)