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1.In which Arnold Schwarzenegger movie does he fight an invisible alien creature?
2.In which 2004 animated Pixar movie does Violet have powers of invisibility?
3.According to the title of the 1977 movie, who owned a dragon that could become invisible?
4.In which James Bond film does he drive an invisible car?
5.Which race had a cloaking device in Star Trek?
6.Alec Baldwin played which invisible superhero in a 1994 movie?
7.Superhero Susan Storm had powers of invisibility. Of which group was she a member?
8.The 1975 TV series The Invisible Man starred which actor, who also appeared in Colditz in the same year?
9.In which 2000 science fiction film did Kevin Bacon become invisible?
10.Rodney Skinner was an invisible thief in which 2003 superhero movie?

quiz kindly submitted by Fraenulum on 7th April 2010