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1.In 1992 Neil Kinnock lost the general election and was replaced as leader of the Labour party by whom?
2.Following success at the 1979 election whose party conference speeech included the lines 'you turn if you want to, the lady's not for turning'?
3.Having returned from a four nation summit in Guadeloupe during the winter of January 1979, who was responsible for the Sun headline 'Crisis, what crisis?'?
4.Churchill went to the country in the summer of 1945 but was defeated by which Labour leader?
5.Of the 1983 Labour party manifesto Gerald Kaufman famously said it was the 'longest...' what in history?
6.Excluding gordon Brown, 5 people have taken over as primeminister in mid term, only two have failed to win the following election, can you name them?
7.In the run up to the 1997 election, Tony Blair outlined his parties' three priorities for office, can you name them?
8.Satchi and Satchi were responsible for the 1979 Conservative advertising campaign. The most famous poster being of a line of people queing at the job centre, with what famous strap line?
9.Before going on to win the 1964 election, who made the 'white heat of technology' speech to their party conference?
10.After defeat at the 1997 general election the Conservative party had a string of leaders before David Cameron, can you name one of them?

quiz kindly submitted by Mikey on 12th April 2010