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1.Which snooker player was simply known as 'The Grinder'?
Cliff Thorburn
2.Which olympic cyclist was nicknamed "The Flying Scotsman"
Graeme Obree
3.Which former World Darts Champion was given the nickname 'The Bronze Adonis'?
Steve Beaton
4.Which Tennis player was known as 'The Cannonball'?
Roscoe Tanner
5.Which former Tour De France winner was known as 'The Cannibal'?
Eddy Mercyx
6.Which Golfer is known as 'Mrs Doubtfire'?
Colin Montgomerie
7.Which Boxer was known as 'The Brockton Blockbuster'
Rocky Marciano
8.Which former West Indian fast bowler was known as 'Whispering Death'?
Michael Holding
9.Which olympic swimmer was known as 'Eric the Eel'?
Eric Moussambani
10.Which footballer was given the name 'El Pibe de Oro' (The Golden Boy)?
Diego Maradona