Answer the first 9 questions to discover the connection
1. How many sides does a cell in a beehive honeycomb have?
2. Which disco group was formed using an ad in a music trade magazine which read: "Macho Types Wanted: Must Dance And Have A Moustache."?
 Village People
3. What does the acronym "I.T." stand for?
 Information Technology
4. What was the profession of the fictional character Illya Kuryakin?
 Secret Agent
5. For what invention were the Montgolfier Brother's famous?
 Hot Air Balloon
6. Which Australian-born British actor starred in "Rumpole of the Bailey"?
 Leo McKern
7. Which flower, according to Greek Mythology causes people who eat it to sleep in peaceful apathy?
8. How is the type of bicycle originaly called "The Ordinary Bicycle", more commonly known?
 Penny Farthing
9. What do the last episode of "Cold Feet", the Supergrass video "Alright" and the Dr Who episode "The Masque of Mandragora" have in common?
 Filmed in Portmerion
10. What's the connection?
 The Prisoner - 1st TV series. (Number 6, The Village, Information, Secret Agent, Balloon (Rover), Played Number 2, Number 6's car, Iconic symbol, actual location of the series.