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1.Which Guns n Roses song from the album "Appetite For Destruction" begins: "Your daddy works in porno now that mommy's not around. She used to love her heroin but now she's underground"?
2.What was the name for the USA's First lady during World War Two?
3.Who played Xena:Warrior Princess?
4.Which 1986 Alan Clarke film is about 2 teenage babysiters from Bradford who have an affair with a married man?
5.Which singer was backed by The Vandellas?
6.Which ex-comic is married to Billy Connolly?
7.In the tv show Charmed, what was the name of the eldest sister (played by Shannen Doherty) who was killed off at the end of Season 3?
8.Who was married to Spandau Ballet's Gary Kemp and later to Jude Law?
9.What name is given to any work of religious art which depicts the baby Jesus with his mother?
10.What connects the answers from the previous 9 questions?

quiz kindly submitted by Pants on 5th May 2010


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