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1.How many episodes of Only Fools and Horses were there? a. 65 b. 85 c. 105 d. 125
2.In which year did the first episode of Minder take place?
3.Fawlty Towers was supposedly set in which seaside town?
4.What was the name of the cat in Rising Damp?
5.What name was given to the spin-off off the comedy series Porridge?
6.Who played the part of Compo in Last Of The Summer Wine?
7.Which comedy written by Johnny Speight which first aired in 1965, featured a fervent West Ham supporter?
8.What was the name of the comedy written by Ray Galton, Alan Simpson which aired 57 episodes?
9.Bill Pertwee played which character in Dads Army?
10.Which one of these characters has appeared in the most episodes of Only Fools and Horses? a. Boycey b. Denzil c. Grandad d. Uncle Albert