Can you identify which movie or movie series these characters appeared in and name the actors and actresses who played them?
1. Jack Dawson
 Titianic/Leonardo di Caprio
2. Vivien Ward
 Pretty Woman/Julia Roberts
3. Marty McFly
 Back to the Future/Michael J Fox
4. Rafe McCawley
 Pearl Harbor/Ben Affleck
5. Daniel LeRusso
 Karate Kid/Ralph Macchio
6. Danny Zuko
 Grease/John Travolta
7. Rick Blane
 Casablanca/Humphrey Bogart
8. Zack Mayo
 An Officer and a Gentleman/Richard Gere
9. Jack Sparrow
 Pirates of the Caribbean/Johnny Depp
10. Ethan Hunt
 Mission Impossible/Tom Cruise