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Every question/answer is connected to the colour red

1.Who wrote The Hunt For Red October?
Tom Clancy
2.What does Moulin Rouge literally mean?
Red Windmill
3.By what nickname was the World War I pilot Manfred von Richtofen better known?
The Red Baron
4.Who played Will Scarlett in the film Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves?
Christian Slater
5.Which football team are nicknamed The Red Devils?
Manchester United
6.Who played the title role in the film Red Sonja?
Brigitte Nielsen
7.Robert Fripp founded which prog rock group?
King Crimson
8.The "Crimson Permanent Assurance" is a short film at the beginning of which feature length film?
Monty Pythion's The Meaning Of Life
9.Who were the two main actors in Crimson Tide?
Gene Hackmann and Denzel Washington
10.Vincent Price appeared in the film The Masque Of The Red Death, but who wrote the short story on which it was based?
Edgar Allen Poe