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1.Who was often heard to say “Stupid boy” in the series Dads Army?
2.What was the name of the character often used in the pictures in Roy Walker’s programme “Catchphrase”?
3.Which television character is well known for his catchphrase “D’oh”?
4.Which TV character was often heard to say “I pity the fool”?
5.If you heard the catchphrase “They’re great” what would expect to be advertised?
6.“You get nothing for a pair” was a Bruce Forsyth catchphrase in which programme?
7.Who was known for the catchphrase "Bernie, ... the bolt"?
8."What you talkin' about Willis" was a catchphrase for the late Gary Coleman in which TV series?
9.“He’s fallen in the water,” was a catchphrase from which radio show?
10."Hello possums!" is a well known catchphrase of which comedy actor?

quiz kindly submitted by Arthur on 16th June 2010