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1.Which wild-card won Wimbledon in 2001?
2.How many times was Boris Becker runner-up in the Men's Singles at Wimbledon?
3.What is the maximum number of ball girls or boys allowed on court at any one time?
4.What is the total number of grass courts at Wimbledon?
5.How many times did Steffi Graf win the Ladies Singles at Wimbledon?
6.How many games were played in total in the final set of the match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut at Wimbledon in 2010 that became the longest match in Wimbledon history?
7.What nationality is Tomas Berdych, who defeated Roger Federer on his way to the final of the Men's Singles at Wimbledon in 2010?
8.Who partnered Jamie Murray when he won the mixed doubles title at Wimbledon in 2007?
9.Which player famously cried on the Duchess of Kent's shoulder after losing the final of the Ladies Singles at Wimbledon in 1993?
10.In which postcode area are the Wimbledon Championships held? SW15, SW17 or SW19?

quiz kindly submitted by Kevin Kilbey on 25th June 2010