1. The mandible and maxilla make up which part of the body?
2. Which standard unit of energy can be defined as the work required to continuously produce one watt of power for one second?
3. Which romantic film directed by David Lean is set in World War 2 and based in and around Milford railway station?
 Brief Encounter
4. In which year was the German battleship The Bismarck sunk by the Royal Navy?
5. Which common colour can also be known as heliotrope?
6. Which golf shot is the opposite of a "slice"?
7. What term refers to the expenses, currently 7.9 million per year, that are paid by the Government for the running of the Royal households?
 Civil List
8. Which actress left Eastenders for Hollywood only to flop as The Bionic Woman?
 Michelle Ryan
9. Which major European city's name is derived from the local word for "monks"?
10. What is the connection between the previous 9 answers?
 Directed by Steven Spielberg (JAWs, DUEL, Close ENCOUNTERs of The Third Kind, 1941, The Colour PURPLE, HOOK, Schindler's LIST, Saving Private RYAN, MUNICH)