All questions or answers involve famous "John"s
1. Who did former Prime Minister John Major have an affair with?
 Edwina Currie
2. Who composed the theme music for the movie Jaws?
 John Williams
3. What group sang the hit single Jilted John?
 Jilted John
4. Who stared in the film True Grit?
 John Wayne
5. What does the F stand for in John F. Kennedy's name?
6. Which famous artist was married to Maria Bicknell?
 John Constable
7. Which group had hit singles in the 1980s called Shattered Dreams and Turn Back The Clock?
 Johnny hates jazz
8. Which famous TV cook had her husband Johnnie by her side?
 Fanny Cradock
9. What was the name of the character plaed by Bruce Willis in the Die Hard movies?
 John McClane
10. Who sang the 1960s hit Johnny Reggae?
 The Piglets