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1.The title of which classic American police show celebrates an event that took place in 1959?
2.Springfield is the home of the Simpsons, and is also the real-life capital of which US State?
3.Which World Champion darts player has the nickname "Darth Maple"
4.Cavity Sam celebrates his 45th birthday in 2010. With which children's board game designed in the USA would you associate him?
5.The 1st episode of Doctor Who was shown the day after what international event?
6.When the musical Chicago won the Best Picture Oscar in 2002 it was the 1st musical to do so since which 1968 film?
7.Which Canadian province consists of an island and a length of coastline, both of which have a breed of dog named after them?
8.Which American actor complained after his picture was absent from the Berlin Wall museum claiming he was partly responsible for the Wall's demise?
9.Which Mexican dish which translates as "little donkey" is based around folded soft tortillas and is now a favourite breakfast dish in the USA?
10.What connects the 1st, 3rd, 16th and 26th Presidents of the USA?

quiz kindly submitted by johnwark on 18th August 2010