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1.What did John Hinckley do to try and catch the attention of Jodie Foster in 1981?
2.David Day and Thereze Bazar had hits in the 1980s under what name?
3.In Only Fools And Horses, Rodney Trotter shares his middle name with which London football club?
4.The most watched tv episode in American television history came with end of which series?
5.Which word was introduced on coins in 1971 before being dropped in 1982?
6.In the world of 80's soap operas which street had the postcode L43 6TZ?
7.Which band was frst to perform at Wembley's Live Aid concert in 1985?
8.What nationality was the inventor of the Rubik's Cube?
9.Which singer won the Eurovision Song Contest twice in the 80s and also wrote the 1992 winning song?
10.How were Dr Stantz, Dr Spengler and Dr Venkman better known in the 1980's?

quiz kindly submitted by johnwark on 18th August 2010