Given the years of the original run, and a description of the situation, name the British BBC sitcom:
1. 1992-2005: The relationship between two former lovers who meet unexpectedly after not being in contact for 38 years.
 As Time Goes By
2. 2006-2009: Centres on a Women's Guild in a fictional small West Country town called Clatterford St. Mary.
 Jam & Jerusalem
3. 2000-2006: Follows the antics of dim-witted superhero "Thermoman".
 My Hero
4. 1986-1991: A devoutly Catholic family in Liverpool, led by its matriarch through a number of ups and downs.
5. 1983-1986: The troubled relationship between two ex-lovers, a female advertising executive, and the son of a wealthy scrap metal merchant.
 Just Good Friends
6. 1988-1990: A British Rail clerk aspires to be a horror writer. In the second series, the main character manages to achieve some small successes as a writer.
 Colinís Sandwich
7. 1977-1980: The troubles of a young Communist "urban guerrilla" living in Tooting, the self-proclaimed leader of the revolutionary Tooting Popular Front.
 Citizen Smith
8. 2003-2004: Troubles of a manager of a Bingo Hall in Liverpool, called The Rio.
 Eyes Down
9. 1981-1988: A 40 year old librarian who still lives at home with his domineering mother and henpecked father.
10. 1983-1990: Both divorced doctors, father and son then move in together and frequently argue about politics and medical practices.
 Donít Wait Up