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1.Name the three red properties on a standard UK Monopoly board?
2.What is the name of the victim in 'Cluedo'?
3.In Risk, what colour is Europe?
4.What is the only UK monopoly property which contains all of the letters in the word 'monopoly' in its name?
5.In Scrabble, which two letters are worth 8 points?
6.In UK Monopoly, how much money does each player have at the start of the game?
7.How many white squares are there on a chess board?
8.Which game, introduced in the 1980ís and still available today involved guiding a metal ball around an obstacle course?
9.How many rooms are there in 'Cluedo'?
10.16. With which board game would you associate Bernard, Eric, Frans, Maria and Anita?

quiz kindly submitted by Mr B on 8th November 2010