1. Who were the last act to win the Eurovision Song Contest for the UK?
 Katrina And The Waves
2. What is the musical term for one or more vocalists performing without an accompaniment?
 A Cappella
3. What is the smallest woodwind instrument in an orchestra?
4. Which British band named themselves after a South African football team?
 Kaiser Chiefs
5. What are the first names of Michael Jackson's parents?
 Joseph(Joe) and Catherine
6. Which phrase links the title of an Oasis album and a British coin?
 Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants (written around the edge of a 2 coin)
7. In which year did The Beatles officially split?
8. Who was the biggest-selling female solo artist of the 1990's in the USA?
 Mariah Carey
9. In 1995, Oasis and Blur had a battle for number one with which two singles?
 Roll With It & Country House
10. In 1976, which song was knocked off the number one spot by another song, the title of which is mentioned in its own lyrics?
 Bohemian Rhapsody (Knocked off by Mamma Mia)