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1.A 'smack' is the collective noun for a group of which marine creatures?
2.'P' is the chemical symbol for which element?
3.Which organ of the human body is affected by Hepatitis?
4.What is the fastest growing type of tissue on any mammal, and can grow at a rate of up to 1 inch per day?
5.How many muscles are there in a human finger?
6.What is the third largest planet in the Solar System?
7.Where in the human body would you find the thinnest skin?
8.A 'troubling' is the collective noun for a group of which household pets?
9.Which part of the male does a female mantis usually bite off during mating?
10.What is the more common name of the medical condition 'Diplopia'?

quiz kindly submitted by Mr B on 8th November 2010