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1.Which P.M was voted pipe smoker of the year?
Harold Wilson
2.Who is the only P.M to have served 4 terms of office?
William Gladstone
3.Who was the first P.M?
Robert Walpole
4.Which P.M played first class cricket for the MCC?
Alec Douglas Home
5.Who was P.M at the time of the profumo affair?
Harold MacMillan
6.How many female P.Ms have there been?
7.Who is the only P.M to have been assassinated?
Spencer Percival
8.Who has been the youngest P.M?
William Pitt the Younger
9.Who was the P.M at the outbreak of WW1?
Herbert Askquith
10.Name the first Tory & Labour P.Ms?
The Earl of Bute & Ramsey MacDonald