1. Name the 1974 anti war hit by Paper Lace
 Billy, donít be a hero
2. Newspapers come is various sizes, broadsheet being the largest, and tabloid being smaller, but what name is given to the smallest size.
3. Which British actor starred in the 1975 movie Paper Tiger
 David Niven
4. Which wedding anniversary is celebrated with paper
5. The 1973 movie Paper Moon starred which father and daughter.
 Ryan and Tatum OíNeill
6. In government, what is the purpose of a white paper
 To present facts, to educate, and to help ministers make decisions.
7. How many pieces of paper make up a Quire.
8. How many Quires make up a Ream
 20 (500 sheets)
9. Which American female rap artist, film & television actress release a song called Paper in 1998
 Queen Latifah
10. Who had a hit with Paper Plane
 Status Quo