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1.Who replaced David Tennant as Doctor Who in January?
2.Who was un-caged and crowned Celebrity Big Brother winner in January?
3.Beyonce collected six Grammys, but which ‘meaty’ singer scored a Brit Awards hat-trick in February?
4.In April, the BBC announced that who would be replacing Adrian Chiles on the One Show for Fridays, which ultimately led to him quitting the BBC for a four-year deal with ITV?
5.Which singer picked up three Ivor Novello awards in May, including songwriter of the year for her hit single, The Fear?
6.Which singer was given an eight-week sentence for crashing his car into a branch of photographic store Snappy Snaps while under the influence of cannabis in July.
7.On which Australian TV show in September, was the wrong winner accidentally announced during its live final?
8.Which Isle of Man resident, who was massive in Albania, died in October?
9.In November, which film (full title) broke UK box office records; Biggest 3-day opening, biggest single day in ticket sales and biggest Friday, Saturday & Sunday openings?
10.Four TV shows found their winners during December. Name three of the four winning contestants on the following shows? 1. X Factor 2. The Apprentice 3. I’m A Celebrity… 4. Strictly Come Dancing.

quiz kindly submitted by Vince Newman on 13th January 2011