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1.Who starred in the movie The Great Dictator?
Charlie Chaplin
2.What is the Latin name for the constellation known as the Great Bear?
Ursa Major
3.Who wrote The Great Gatsby?
F Scott Fitzgerald
4.What is the name of the Great Dane featured in a regular newspaper cartoon?
5.In which county did the Great Train Robbery take place?
Buckinghamshire (5 miles from Aylesbury)
6.The Great Orme is a prominent headland in which seaside resort?
7.What was the surname of the character played by Steve McQueen in the 1963 movie The Great Escape?
(Virgil) Hilts.
8.The city of Detroit sits on which of the Great Lakes?
9.Which US president was known as the Great Communicator?
Ronald Reagan
10.In which year did the Great Exhibition take place in Crystal Palace?