Christmas Pub Quiz Pack

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Here are some well known crime frghters. Can you name their partners (including their first names)?

1.Jack Reegan
George Carter - The Sweeney
2.Ray Doyle
William Bodie - The Professionals
3.David Starsky
Kenneth Hutchinson - Starsky & Hutch
4.James Dempsey
Harriet Makepeace - Dempsey & Makepeace
5.Christine Cagney
Mary Beth Lacey - Cagney & Lacey
6.Andrew Dalziel
Peter Pascoe - Dalziel & Pascoe
7.Endeavour Morse
Robert Lewis - Inspector Morse
8.Sherlock Holmes
John Watson
9.Rosemary Boxer
Laura Thyme - Rosemary & Thyme
10.Jeff Randall
Marty Hopkirk - Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)