1. Who was the first woman in the Bible?
2. Athlete Florence Griffith Joyner was commonly known by what nickname?
 Flo Jo
3. Who was the first female governor of Alaska?
 Sarah Palin
4. The Edward and Mrs Simpson affair rocked the world in 1936. What was the first name of Mrs Simpson?
5. What is the name of the Peter Griffin's wife in Family Guy?
6. Which actress has won more Best Actress Oscars than anyone else?
 Katherine Hepburn
7. Which American singer was born Eleanora Fagan?
 Billie Holiday
8. In Greek mythology, who was the mother of Oedipus?
9. Who was lead singer of The Bangles?
 Susanna Hoffs
10. Which famous woman in history had a cottage in Shottery in Warwickshire?
 Anne Hathaway